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SFuels Race+ Gel (6 serves)

SFuels Race+ Gel (6 serves)

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A concentrated RACE+ powder that mixes into a gel format. Formulated only on HBCD carbs - for faster than glucose gastric-emptying plus MCTs for additional energy and rapid gut clearance. Power your performance with simultaneous fat and carb oxidation in the most compact and fastest gel delivery system. No fructose, no glucose, no sugar alcohols, and no gut issues.
- Balanced electrolytes to support predictable muscle contraction and firing
- Supports the gut during exercise-induced heat stress
- Fast gel access, non-sticky, auto-closing valve squeezy bottle system
- Environmentally sensitive racing and competition, leave no trash/trace on the race course

How to Dose SFuels Race + Drink:
Two servings (280 cals) can be stored in a compact, ultra fast-access, lightweight and environmentally sensitive Race+ Gel squeezy bottle (RACE+ Bullet) for in-race fueling.
Prepare immediately before using. Do not refrigerate or leave in drop bags overnight if the weather is cold – product can harden in cold temperatures.

- Highly branched cyclic dextrin
- Coconut Oil
- Collagen Peptides
- L-Glutamine
- Natural Flavors
- Himalayan Rock Salt
- Potassium
- Magnesium
- Calcium
- Citric Acid
- Beet Root Powder for color
- Turmeric Powder for color

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Keto friendly fuel

SFuels Race+Gel is great!! It gives me stabil energy without GI distress. I finally found the right fuel for my triathlon trainning and race. Thank you.