Find Your Perfect Gel

Find Your Perfect Gel

Energy v Fluid Gel... It's something we often get asked, so we've put together this comparison so you can find your perfect gel!

When it comes to gels, like most things nutrition, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. In fact this is the very reason we have two different gel ranges. Here are some tips to help choose the gel to suit your sport: 


  • Fluid Energy Gels are liquid so designed to be consumed in one shot. This is the quickest way to get a gel down and doesn't require any additional water. 
  • Energy Gels are actually a great running choice, they are small to carry and you can slowly consume it, lowering risk of stomach upset. As you can keep it in your mouth for longer you can also quickly absorb some of the carbohydrates here. 
  • It's always easier to fuel when feeling fresh so front foot your nutrition and start fuelling 15-20 minutes into an event. This helps prevent fatigue and makes it easier to consume nutrition. 
  • Suffer from stitch? Go Energy Gels so you can lower the amount supplied to the stomach in one go. Be sure to practice in training to teach your body how to stomach nutrition. 


  • Fluid Energy Gels are the cyclist gel of choice due to the quick consumption, meaning less time away from the handlebars. 
  • Use caffeine options early to allow time for digestion. Raspberry, and  Lemon + Lime all come in caffeine options which provide 30mg (roughly 1/3 shot of espresso).


  • Use your favourite gel 15 minutes before the start and in transitions.
  • Take Fluid gels on the bike for a quick energy option. Aim for 1-2 per hour alongside your hydration/other fuel needs. Remember to aim to fuel heavily earlier on in the ride so to give plenty of time to digest before the run. 
  • Try Energy gels on the run and take small mouthfuls as you run, remembering the mouth also absorbs carbs. 

Team sports

  • It comes down to personal preference with gels in team sports between Fluid and Energy gels, remember to take your caffeine options before or early on in the game. 
  • Energy gels are designed to be flavour bombs i.e. Manuka Honey and Banana which are great if you are hungry/ missing meals. Fluid Gels are designed to be light on flavour so you can easily shot them. 
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