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Pillar Performance

PILLAR Performance Triple Magnesium Powder - Pineapple Coconut

PILLAR Performance Triple Magnesium Powder - Pineapple Coconut

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TRIPLE MAGNESIUM features three select forms of bioavailable magnesium, providing multi-action support for neuromuscular function and recovery. Magnesium is also used to support the recovery phase after physical activity, including muscular aches, pains, cramps and spasms.

Our TRIPLE MAGNESIUM powder is uniquely flavoured using natural strawberry and beetroot extract, which contains a special combination of compounds not found in many other foods. PILLAR has included beets in this recovery formulation as they have been associated with a huge range of benefits, notably cardiovascular health and blood sugar support.

Key Features

- Three specific forms of magnesium for absorbability.
- Supports muscle health.
- Reduces muscle cramps.
- Developed with Magnesium glycinate dihydrate to relieve sleeplessness.
- Supports nervous system health.
- 200 g powder (40 doses).


Each 5g scoop contains:

Magnesium citrate - 323.6 mg
equiv. elemental magnesium - 50 mg

Magnesium amino acid chelate - 1050 mg
equiv. elemental magnesium - 210 mg

Magnesium glycinate dihydrate - 427.35 mg
equiv. elemental magnesium - 50 mg

Total Elemental Magnesium - 310mg

How to use
Adults: Take one (1) 5g scoop per day with food or as directed by your healthcare professional.

If symptoms persist, consult a healthcare professional.
Vitamin supplements should not replace a balanced diet.
Do not use if seal is broken. Store below 30˚C.

- Vegan.
- Free from gluten, dairy, nuts and egg.
- Contains soy derived substances, sulfites and sucralose.

Testing Certificate
TRIPLE MAGNESIUM is Informed Sport Certified.

For any questions in relation to our certified products, please email

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
PILLAR Performance Triple Magnesium Powder - YUMMY

Am loving the taste of this product.

Excellent product

Love the pillar triple magnesium. Aids me in recovery and getting to sleep. Take daily in the evening.

Nico Ng Ng
the GOAT takes it and so should you.

My individual case study: Average of 85 mins of deep sleep up from 75mins. 97% of Bike Power/Run Speed/Swim CSS met during training versus 92%. (Over a 60 day period)

The meta-studies: Duh, you need sufficient Mg in your body to sleep and recover.

Conclusion: If you are a Haribo gummy bear, energy drink mix chugging machine. Chances are you lack Mg in your diet. Take this. It works. Or hire a nutritionist to plan your meals, that works as well.

PILLAR Performance Triple Magnesium Powder

awesome product, tastes good feels good


PILLAR Performance Triple Magnesium Powder - Pineapple Coconut