What is low carb hydration?

What is low carb hydration?

Hydration is a common word in nutrition chat, and we believe one of the most simple and effective things you can focus on to fuel performance. By simple definition it's the process of causing something to absorb water. Sounds basic, but turns out there is a little more to it and so much more to achieve through choosing your fluids correctly. 

With the arrival of our new PURE Electrolyte Hydration Low Carb just in time for summer, we thought we would run you through all things low carb, with our co-founder sports nutritionist Marewa Sutherland (BappSc). 


What is low carb (carbohydrate) hydration? 

Effectively low carb means low sugar. In traditional sports drinks, the carbohydrate content helps enhance the hydration process, however low carb hydration uses electrolytes as the driving force for fluid absorption into the body. These electrolytes also help replace those lost through sweat to support muscle function during exercise and help prevent cramp.


When would I use low carb hydration? 

The benefit of being low carb means the hydration is more versitile and able to be used in times where we need to hydrate, however we don't need the added energy (carbohydrate/sugar) source from regular hydration.

  • During hot and humid conditions
  • During short training sessions
  • In between training sessions
  • During light or recovery phases of training 
  • Pre-race hydration/electrolyte loading
  • Electrolyte replacement during exercise
  • To help prevent hyponatraemia (low sodium levels) particularly during long and low intensity exercise i.e walking a marathon
  • To support nausea and hangover symptoms


How many carbs are we talking? 

With only 4.2g per litre this range is very low in carbs. We formulated it to be on a coconut water base which is naturally high in electrolytes (especially potassium) and low in carbohydrates. As a result of the coconut water base and real fruit flavouring it has a super smooth light tasting profile thats really easy to drink. This is actually a key component (and taken us 2 years to lock in) because you need to enjoy to your chosen fluid to naturally drink enough to hydrate. 


PURE Electrolyte Hydration Low Carb is available in Lemon and Raspberry flavours, and comes in 160g tubs (makes 20L) or boxes of 10 x sachets (each making 750ml). It is proudly made in Christchurch, New Zealand.

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