Singapore Running Coaches


David Shum 

Accredited running coach with the Singapore Sports Council (SSC) and the International Association of Athletics Federation. He is often involved as the coach in lead up running clinics for running events and his coaching contributions go the extra mile for other running groups. Sports Therapist to help all types of athletes optimise their recovery 

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Elevate Performance Track Squad 

Fully Mapped out training program for all levels of runners wit a Structured warm up sequence with dynamic running drills focusing on mobility and coordination. Guaranteed to be loads of fun with each session! 

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WELLBRED Track Squad 

Suitable for Those interested in maximizing athletic potential via smart systems training and looking to build consistency in training via a periodised program. Ideal for athletes who require external help in achieving specific goals after hitting a plateau.

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Frankie run triathlon coach


Coaching for Running, Triathlon and Endurance events.

Expect a coaching experience tailored to your unique needs and goals. We don't believe in one-size-fits-all solutions. Whether you're training for a marathon, triathlon, or other endurance events, our coach will create a personalised plan designed to optimise both your physical and mental performance.


Andrew Cheong 

Post grad Diploma in Sports Science, is a certified Distance Running Coach by the Road Running Clubs of America, a qualified FISAF personal trainer, a World Athletics Track and Field Certified coach and a certified Mental Toughness Coach.

Andrew has completed more than 50 marathons, ultra-marathons and Ironman races. He is a Abbott Six Star World Marathon Major recipient in 2017, along with his wife Diana Lee, they are the first and only Singaporean couple to have achieved this award to date. Andrew has qualified for the prestigious Boston Marathon every year since 2011. 



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tribal run squad

Our run coaching and clinics encompass runners of all abilities and background so whether you're training towards your first 5km park run, looking to nail that 2.4km IPPT run, seeking to smash that marathon personal best or in search of that dream half-Ironman run leg - we got you covered.

Comprising professional and experienced track and distance run coaches, our coaching team prides themselves in their ability to spot and correct key movements to develop good form and posture that are crucial to developing an efficient running technique. 



Coaching service committed to helping you reach your performance goals.
Functional fitness, Run and Strength. 

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Sky Khoo Zhihao

Sky Khoo Zhihao 

A former distance runner with 35 marathons/ultra marathons completed locally & internationally.  Over 12 years experience coaching track and field.

Big believer in strength and conditioning to improve athletics performance

Graduate Certificate in Sports Coaching from University of Queensland, Australia World Athletics Level 2 Coach for Sprints, Hurdles and Relays World Athletics Level 2 Coach for Mid and Long Distance USATF Level 2 Coach for Sprints, Hurdles and Relays

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Ben Pulham

Ben Pulham

Founder of Coached, which was started to help people optimise, track and enjoy their training.

His background is in high-performance triathlon, having represented New Zealand in the ITU World Cup Triathlon Series. He raced as a pro during Beijing Olympic Trials.

Since then, Ben has been a sought-after professional coach and has worked with thousands of athletes and many global brands.

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