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Ems Power Cookies

EM's Power Cookie Bars

EM's Power Cookie Bars

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Nutritious and delicious energy snacks.

Power up your adventures! With zesty apricots, real dark chocolate, crushed almonds and dates, EM's Power Cookies Apri-Choc Attack is packed. It is lower in fat and guarantees a beautiful taste profile that will satisfy you. Who doesn't love real dark chocolate with apricots in combination? Mmmmm. Mmmm.

  • Source of fibre and protein
  • Natural sugars from apricots, dates, coconut, almonds and natural yoghurt
  • Made with sunflower oil and no butter

Allergens: Contains gluten, tree nuts, egg, dairy and soy. May contain sulphites.
Date pits or fragments may be present.

Power Up your adventures! Because it's a bomb, Em's personal favourite! This was her go-to bar when she felt in need of strength when Em was smashing Coast to Coast. Since she went on to win 3x C2C titles, it must have worked. With our own crushed peanuts, and sweetened with honey and rice syrup-no cane sugar added, the Peanut Chocolate Bomb is made.

  • Source of fibre and protein
  • Wheat-free
  • No added cane sugar, fats or oils (contains real dark chocolate)
  • Natural sugars from peanuts and honey

Allergens: Contains oats, peanuts, dairy and soy. May contain gluten and egg.


Power up your adventures! One of our best sellers, made with Gluten Free ingredients, EM's Power Cookies Chocolate Cranberry Craze is like fudge and fruitcake all rolled into one nutritious and tasty treat. With its sweet taste and easy-to-eat texture, people love this bar. It is definitely the best Gluten Free energy snack on the market.

  • Made with Gluten Free ingredients
  • Source of Fibre
  • Natural sugars from dates, cranberries, almonds, coconut and apricots
  • Made with sunflower oil and no butter

*Manufactured in a facility that also handles gluten.

Allergens: Contains soy, tree nuts, and traces of dairy. May contain sulphites, gluten and egg. Date pits or fragments may be present.


Power up your Adventures! The Chocolate Oat Explosion is EM's Power Cookies most popular product. It is just so damn good! Em created it because she wanted to make a Bar that was similar to the Original Sports Cookie but just a little more compact and easier to fit into bike pockets and bento boxes while training. It has 40% less brown sugar than the Original and is made with healthy sunflower oil.

  • Source of fibre and protein
  • Natural sugars from raisins, coconut and natural yoghurt
  • Made with sunflower oil and no butter

Allergens: Contains gluten, egg, dairy and soy. May contain sulphites and tree nuts.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
All day snack/meal

I’ve lost count how many times I’ve stocked up on Em’s power bars by the box. I always get them in peanut, choc chip and cranberry flavours.

They taste great, hunger satisfying and even replace a meal on some days. Great for school lunch boxes, pre/post workouts and ‘lunch’ in the car 😂

Antonio Ciccone

Supplements of the highest quality, and impeccable service (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED)

Dawn O Dowd
Love these!

These are great on long runs. Cause no digestive issues for me. Would recommend.

Hok Liong
Really Likes it

I really like EM’s Power Cookie Bars because it taste great!!

ellen goh